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no light - chapter four: when a girl became a girl
       The Reaping day means nothing to him.
He's fourteen now, and his name has yet to be drawn out of the large clear bowl, so Cato is one of the children that feels invincible, even for that one moment when another's name is called. He watches as the boy walks tremblingly up to the platform where their District's representative is waiting, along with the female Tribute. Cato smirks and adjusts his shirt. Another year gone, and he's still in his District. He'll grow stronger, and he'll win the Games, should he ever be Reaped.
But not now. He's too young, he decides. He can put up with his hellish home for a little while, if only to grow stronger to win the Games and finally earn some praise from his parents. The crowds begin to disperse as the Reaping ends, and Cato shoves his hands in his pockets, trailing after the other boys towards the town, away from the square. He spots one of the Caesar twins walking away, curls bouncing as he trots towards his sister, and
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"I heard it was pizza night," Kendra yells, as she opens the door with a smirk. Her smirk turns into a grin at her perfect timing, making eye contact with Brennan just as he lifts the pizza box open.
"You’d be right," Zatanna says wryly, laughing as she makes her way past the bouncing dog at Kendra’s feet to hug her friend. "How was work?"
"Oh you know," Kendra says, rolling her eyes, "Fine, long, the usual." she adds, leaning over to pet Croc’s head.
The house is bustling as usual, and she spots Anna curled up on the couch, a slice of pizza already in hand as she chatters on about school, and Kendra’s just a little surprised to see Bennie on the couch with her. “Hey Ben,” she says, waving as she goes to collect her pizza.
The older woman nods, waving a little, before turning back to her niece, nodding and agreeing with Anna, Jet curled up in her lap. Bennie feeds her old dog the crust as Jared comes rushing out of his room.
"Auntie K," he chirps, ho
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Mature content
messy :iconelfblossoms:elfblossoms 0 0
i hope he makes you happy
She sits across from Justin, smiling a little as he tells her a funny story. Roman shakes her head, laughing a little bit, and he lights up, gesturing a little more wildly, his eyes shining as she pays attention to the story. Her focus is only on him, until she wonders if Dash is around.
Justin finishes his story, and she laughs a little bit, trying to shake off the feeling that she’s being watched. She’s being ridiculous. Justin makes a comment, and she shrugs, picking up a piece of her vegetarian lasagna on her fork, eating it daintily.
He’s been a perfect date, gentlemanly and sweet, and has her - well she’d never admit it but it’s true - swooning. He walks her back to the dorms, and she lets go of his hand to walk up the steps.
"Roman, wait," he says softly, and she turns, and there he is, standing close to her, his lips brushing hers gently. She closes her eyes, letting this happen for a moment before pulling away with a tiny smile.
"See you around Ju
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Mature content
puppy - part two: definitely not a puppy :iconelfblossoms:elfblossoms 0 0
puppy - part one: he's just a puppy
She hears the lopsided running before the eager bark and Roman raises an eyebrow as a small fuzzy thing slams into her ankles. She looks down, and it looks up. There’s a small pink tongue lolling out of the animal’s mouth, and she smiles despite herself. She’s always liked dogs.
Roman reaches down to scratch the puppy behind its ears, and it whines happily, rubbing up against her before sitting and rolling around, and she laughs, tucking some hair behind her ear as she scratches its belly. Oh. His belly.
"Where did you come from little buddy?" she asked softly, as he sniffed her hand, licking it enthusiastically. Roman gently picked him up in her arms, petting his ears gently as he snuggled against her. "No collar huh?" she said, frowning. No one she knew had a chocolate lab, so unless one of the residents of Cherry had an escapee puppy, the little guy remained a mystery.
He whined softly, licking her jaw and she smiled, shaking her head. “Come on, you can have
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with batman as their witness
There's something just off about Dash today, Roman notices. And she's become very good at noticing things about her boyfriend – almost as good as he is at noticing things about her. He fumbles with the car keys, drops his wallet, and keeps checking his pocket as though there's something precious inside that he can't risk losing.
Roman has no idea what's up with him, but she slides her hand into his, squeezing gently. Dash relaxes instantly, looking down at her with the biggest, happiest smile she's ever seen. It makes her blush a little, her lips quirking into a semblance of a smile. He leans down and kisses her quickly, a little clumsily, but sweetly. Her small hand squeezes his again as she kisses back gently.
The movie theatre is packed with people carrying bags of food for the all-day Batman movie marathon. There's a few teenagers wearing shirts with the Bat symbol on them, carrying comic books and blankets, and there's one guy on his phone who's dressed up as the Joke
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birds, bees, and polar bears
“You my friend, have lived alone with penguins and polar bears and snowballs and snowmen and icy ponds far too long,” the eleven-year-old blonde said, steering his white-haired friend into the shade. Fintan looked around nervously as they sat down across from the Aphrodite cabin.
“What does that have to do with the Aphrodite cabin?” Fintan asked, glancing at Liam, who shook his head, as though he were wise in the ways of the world.
“First off, we're here because you've only known polar bears and penguins your whole life-”
“That's not strictly true Liam-”
“Shh, polar bear, I'm trying to teach you about the birds and the bees,” Liam said exasperatedly, pointing to the cabin. “Those, are girls.”
Fintan turned to his friend with an extremely unimpressed look on his face, crossing his arms. “So?”
“So, they're bees? And they're busy with flowers and stuff, and pollinating and I dunno, but we're boys. We
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ex-boyfriends deserve it
“This is not going to end well,” Lacy murmured, lying next to Maggie in the bushes as they readied crossbows. “Molly really went to town on the defenses this week,”
The daughter of Apollo grimaced, shifting on her stomach as she narrowed her eyes, watching as someone ran towards their borders. “I know. She's been working on that trap for days, just for-”
“Liam,” they said at the same time, sighing heavily.
The blonde in question was actually the figure running over the borders, two others at his sides. “Liam, you really think it's a good idea for you to cross the borders? We're against Cabin 9 tonight, you do realize-” James said, as Liam led him through the brush.
The blonde snorted and twisted his wrist, spinning his sword, “It'll be fine James, what's the worst that can happen?”
“Molly could kill you,” Cale said mildly, glancing at his friend and grinning manically. “It's not out of character f
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“Okay, wind up nice and easy,” Dash says, standing behind his youngest son as Julian makes ready to pitch. Felix rolls his eyes and readies the bat, smacking it against the make-shift base at his feet.
“Come on Jules, just pitch already,” he says good-naturedly, adjusting his hat – one of Dash's old Academy hats.
“I'm pitching!” Julian says loudly, pulling his arm back, just like his dad showed him. Dash bites his lip and watches as Julian lets the ball loose, and Felix's bat connects with the ball with a loud crack.
“That's my boys!” Dash cheers loudly, jumping into the air with a whoop, as Felix takes off running for first base. Julian pouts slightly, but all three Knight men freeze in their tracks when they hear the crash from the house.
Slowly, Dash turns his head to the house, where the window that faces from the kitchen in to the backyard is now sporting a large hole. “Oh,” Julian says quietly, as his grey eyes wid
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Liam sighs, hefting Molly up on his back. Her legs are locked around his waist and her arms tighten around his neck. His breathing quickens a little, but he knows she's only nervous.
“Calm down Mollywobbles,” he says softly, patting her arm reassuringly and trying to get her to not strangle him. “We're not going to go too deep, okay? I promise,”
Molly mutters something but her arms loosen and she drops from his back, feet landing in the shallows of the ocean. She bites her lip, and Liam wraps his arms around her in a reassuring hug. “Don't worry, I won't let you get hurt,”
She looks up and him and kisses him softly. “I-I know,” she murmurs, and he pulls away, taking her hands in his.
“Let's start slow, okay? Just take a few steps out into the water. Let me know when you're not comfortable, 'kay?” he says, and she nods, walking slowly towards him as he backs out into the water.
Molly is breathing shakily, but she keeps going. T
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pretty girls with purple hair
“Your hair certainly is an interesting colour,” the cashier said as Freya walked up to the register. She fidgeted, smiling shyly at him through her long lashes.
“Thank you?” she asked, wondering if he was being sincere. He was kind of cute, so she stayed by the counter. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jean toss a candy bar into her purse.
“No, really, it's pretty,” he said, blinking his big brown eyes at her. “I hope that wasn't too forward,” he added, eyes glued to her. Freya shook her head, the long purple locks swaying with her movement.
“It's okay,” she said quietly, inching closer to the register. “Um, I was just wondering if you guys had any CDs available. I mean, if you don't, it's okay,” she stuttered, pouting slightly at him. The cashier was completely smitten, smiling widely at her.
“Oh yeah, definitely! I can help you pick one, if you like. My name's Matt,” he said, coming out from aroun
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after the moon falls from the sky
Howls echo throughout the forest, from one wolf to another. The russet wolf pads through the undergrowth, sniffing the ground for his mate's familiar scent among the damp leaves and animal traces that litter the forest. Above him, the sunrise is glorious, golden and orange hanging through the green foliage of the summer trees. The wolf shakes his groomed fur, picking up the scent and taking off further into the forest, happening upon a small clearing. Close to the edge of the forest, a girl lies fast asleep on the grass, shadows falling across her naked form like blankets.
The wolf pads gently over to her, nudging her freckled face with his nose, placing soft licks along her face.
“That's disgusting,” she murmurs, eyes blinking hazily open. For once in her life, Irma Kaufman is completely calm, not ready to go running off into some strange new adventure. “Stop licking me,” she giggles, taking the wolf's muzzle in her hands, trying to keep him from licking her. S
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b-b-b-bubba and the kids - for skittles
“I'm here, you can go now,” she yells, opening the door to the O'Callaghan home early on Saturday. Jet waddles in through the door after her, and she's scared to admit how old the grey mutt is. She won't have him forever, but she has him now.
Jet makes his way into the living room, finding his preferred spot on the couch, curling up and claiming it as shrieking seems to wake up the house. There's the sound of feet hitting the floor, a thump, and then incomprehensible sibling banter as two children make their way down the hallway.
“Bubba!” Anna shrieks, dropping her teddy bear and soaring into Bennie's arms. Nothing surprises Bennie with Zatanna's children, and she catches Anna with ease, the golden trail from her flight fading into the air. “Momma and Daddy, you can go to that conference now!” she yells, hugging Bennie tightly around the neck, her legs clamping around her aunt.
Jared is a little slower coming down the hallway, and he shyly holds tigh
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team britelite by elfblossoms team britelite :iconelfblossoms:elfblossoms 2 0
oceans - for nessa
His blue tail flicks through the water as he swims, hiding behind a large rock on the bottom of the ocean. Peeking over the top of the rock, he widens his eyes as he spots her, swimming along with wide eyes, curiously exploring every single possible spot she could.
Ian smiles a little, ducking behind the boulder as he notices her lifting her head. He flicks his tail nervously again, before pulling it up to his chest, making himself a small as he can. He has to remain hidden, or else-
“Found you!” Star chirps, as she swims over the top of the rock, flipping herself upside down to press a light kiss to his nose. “You're pretty good at this, y'know,” she says with a grin, settling down onto the sand next to him.
He nods, smiling a little shyly, glancing at her as she snuggles up against him, her tail moving to wind with his. “Yeah,” he says softly, “But I don't mind being found by you,” he mumbles, and she beams at him in the murky water, ki
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Random Favourites

D-D-Demigods by themooseshark D-D-Demigods :iconthemooseshark:themooseshark 7 13 Just Trent by bratitude123 Just Trent :iconbratitude123:bratitude123 25 10 marcie by tuesday-smile marcie :icontuesday-smile:tuesday-smile 7 12
Happy Birthday Mae
"Happy birthday, Mae!" Mae stared at her friends in shock, her freckled cheeks turning bright pink. She blinked around at all of the people crowded into the Apollo Cabin; almost all of her siblings, several Athena kids, and an extremely proud-looking Hephaestus boy.
"Your face!" Maeve Kathryn Janeway Jones, one of the Athena kids, crowed happily, snapping photos of Mae like she was a movie star, or something. "You look simply dashing, darling! This surprise party was totally a total success!"
Mae wasn't sure how to react, because she was, in fact, extremely surprised. But then her boyfriend, Addison Abbot, helped her out by walking over.
"Can I take your jacket?" he asked, goofily gentlemanly, helping pull off Mae's inelegant looking parka.
"Thanks," Mae said, giggling a little sheepishly. "If I'd know there was going to be be a party..."
"You look beautiful," Addison whispered. Then he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. "Happy birthday."
Several of Mae's younger siblings a
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Arrowette by Funnygirl345 Arrowette :iconfunnygirl345:Funnygirl345 7 6 walk walk fashion baby by SkaterSkittle walk walk fashion baby :iconskaterskittle:SkaterSkittle 9 7
Music Meme- Foreigner part 1
Spellbinder- Quill and Ophelia
A soft hand brushed against the curve of his cheek, down to the light stubtle that dotted across his jawline. He closed his eyes breathing in slowly.
Incense, spices, with a mix of chocolate...
A sly smile crossed her painted lips. Her hand trailed down to his chest, as she pressed small kisses to his neck. "Stay with me for the night, love?"
She made it seem like a request, but he knew it wasn't. It was a command. It was all part of that spell she put over him. Over them. That spell Quill wasn't going to break any time soon, or ever. His gaze turned to the ebony haired witch by his side.
"Would you even give me a choice, moon of my life?"
Ophelia smiled, curling her fingers into his hair gently. "Never, love. You're all mine."
Safe in my Heart- Trent and Marcie
"Is there any place that's safe?" Marcie murmured quietly.
Trent glanced to her from the corner of his eye. "You know we're pretty safe here at...." his reply trailed off a
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Shockwave by Leo-Kid Shockwave :iconleo-kid:Leo-Kid 3 5
8. Innocence
"Trent, I'm sorry," she whimpered, tears shining in her big brown eyes. She was twenty-two, but those eyes were still he eyes of a child.
"Pheebs, you don't have anything to be sorry about." Trent replied earnestly, "I just want you to get away from him."
Being an elder brother was hard. Stroking Phoebe's cheek, it was all Trent could do to not barge out of the coffee shop and murder the demon who's fist was imprinted in multiple places on her face.
"But I can't," she said. She sounded so scared.
"Why? Marcie and I will protect you. We'll help you find a place near us. You'll never have to see that monster again." Trent said. It was the truth— he and Marcie had been talking about it for weeks, ever since the bruises had become more apparent.
"But I can't, I can't leave him," Phoebe said. One tear trickled down the base of her nose. Trent stared, slack-jawed, at the girl before him. She was the daughter of a god, a hero, and she couldn't leave a coward who'd caused her nothing but
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That's My Hat! - For Night-Faery by Funnygirl345 That's My Hat! - For Night-Faery :iconfunnygirl345:Funnygirl345 8 12 not alone by SkaterSkittle not alone :iconskaterskittle:SkaterSkittle 13 15 Sibling Bonding Time:Avengers Style by MissHoneyham Sibling Bonding Time:Avengers Style :iconmisshoneyham:MissHoneyham 10 10
Quinn Phillips wasn't scared of many things. Heights? Please. Snakes? No problem. Scary movies? Bring it on. It was one of those things she prided herself in, and yeah, maybe bragged about, just a bit.
Spiders were an entirely different matter.
They were literally out to get her. And no matter what Reed said, she wasn't exaggerating. They tracked her down, and once they found her they were relentless.
Liam had seen it first. She was on the other side of the cabin, reading a book in her bunk, when she heard his absolutely bloodcurdling scream. Following the scream was loud thud and a series of crashing noises, and then another scream. "Quinn!"
Not all that concerned, Quinn closed her book with an exasperated sigh and made her way towards the ongoing cacophony. Liam was crouched under the floor with wide, fearful eyes, and a pile of books splayed out across the floor. Quinn rolled her eyes. "What, Liam?" she sighed, with the tone of someone who was clearly used to this. Liam turne
:iconfunnygirl345:Funnygirl345 6 21
You're an idiot by RandomArtz95 You're an idiot :iconrandomartz95:RandomArtz95 10 13
Bring back what once was mine
61: Fairy Tale
Tall up on a hill overlooking the grand city, a stone tower lay forgotten covered in vines. A very lonely girl leaned against the windowsill and sighed dramatically. In the far distance across the valley, she could see the castle that was supposed to go to the tower; yet not one soul had come to see the dark skinned girl since her arrival at age four. Her long black hair had been twisted into a huge pile of braids that collected into a heap on the floor. Sighing, Ivy leaned out farther. What would happen if I fell? She considered. Anything would be better than sitting here, right? A growl down below signaled the return of the dragon. He was not particularly fearsome-just large.
Away in the castle, Prince Conner had arrived from his far away city of New Yorkshire.
  "King and Queen of this fair country," began Prince Conner. "I come from my home in New Yorkshire with a mission. I plan to rescue your dearest daughter from the witch that has imprison
:iconicantreallydraw901:icantreallydraw901 2 4
pick a star in the open sky by AmazingGlideh pick a star in the open sky :iconamazingglideh:AmazingGlideh 6 7


11 deviations
so i've had this account for a year and this is the second journal that i've made


i guess i should update this?

school is drawing to a close, and i cANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO BE OVER. i just want to not be stressed.

in other news if you like my ocs and want more please check out my headcanon tumblr because that's where i'm more active with these guys

also for anyone who i owe an art trade they will be done before i go to camp i SWEAR.
and that's it i guess.



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